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Recently, our dear Pastor Daniel Olawande was officially recognized by YNaija as one of the 100 most influential people in Christian Ministry, alongside great men and women of God like Mercy Chinwo, Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Imisi Owolabi, Apostle Joshua Selman, Pastor Poju Oyemade, Dunsin Oyekan and so on.

You can find the article HERE

The recognition was aimed at acknowledging the contributions of believers who are “influencing the Christian Ministry in Nigeria, leveraging their voices, platforms, lives to promote a divine agenda, and doing their best to ensure that human spirits are God-driven.”  

The overall purpose of the list was to celebrate these great men and women for employing “the resources of social media or other digital platforms (and traditional platforms) to converse on existent doctrines; either questioning and providing solutions and explaining ‘stay it’ reasons. “

YNaija referred to them as the “Guardians of the Faith

So we are congratulating our Pastor Daniel Olawande on this recognition, and thanking him for his relentless efforts in using various media including social media posts, Instagram Live sessions, Facebook Live sessions, like the poster above indicates, Twitter, and YouTube videos/short films to preach the gospel of Christ to millennials all over Nigeria and beyond.

PS: If you have not seen this new film by Pastor Daniel Olawande titled “Legal Ground“, what have you been doing on YouTube? Head on over to YouTube by clicking this link HERE to see the movie.

See you on Friday!



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