Igniting Hearts, Transforming Lives

Bring the Fire with P.Daniel Olawande

Known for his passionate preaching and dedication to setting a generation on fire for God, P.Daniel delivers a powerful and transformative message. Fill out the form below to bring this dynamic ministry to your event and ignite a new passion for God in your community.

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  • Transforming Lives Through the Word

    Dynamic Preaching

    P.Daniel’s dynamic preaching style captivates and inspires audiences, making the Word of God come alive. His messages are impactful, relatable, and designed to transform lives and reignite faith.

  • Experience the Power of God

    Anointed Ministry

    P.Daniel's anointed ministry brings the power of God to every event. His prayers and teachings lead to breakthroughs, healing, and spiritual renewal, creating lasting change in attendees' lives.

  • Connecting with the Next Generation

    Youthful Energy

    With youthful energy and passion, P.Daniel connects deeply with the next generation. His relatable approach and fervent faith inspire young people to pursue a vibrant, wholehearted relationship with God.