Don’t try to be relevant with men; be relevant with Christ JESUS IS EVERYTHING TO ME



My greatest desire is that I enter a town and everyone begin to burn for God , souls are saved, many are baptized in the Holy Ghost, they begin to feel a literal heat in the atmosphere, a heat to roast immortality and carnality, a prayer power will land on all the people and a fresh hunger for righteousness, yet no one has seen my face yet but The Holy Ghost has invaded the land, Any where Fire is burning, there is always a smell of fire and a radiation of heat around that area, sir/ma, you can’t carry the genuine fire and we won’t feel it even when you come into an environment.

I see a burning generation


My Core Vision

That men are set on Fire in all spheres of Life and they manifest this Fire globally. Raising Kingdom Army

P.Daniel Olawande

P.Daniel Olawande

Senior Pastor

P.Daniel is a Regional Youth Evangelist in RCCG , Dynamic Inspirational Preacher of God’s word with signs and wonders following, a worshiper, a man with the mandate to Create Solutions Supernaturally and to set men on fire for God.

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PDaniel Olawande

“The secret of carrying God’s presence is thirsting for His presence”

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