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YAC 2020 was awesome, explosive and supernatural!

First, an 100% online meeting wasn’t the original plan for Youth Aflame Conference 2020, but God, the extraordinary strategist, made it go as He planned simply because He is God, the Almighty, and is not restricted by space or by time.

We had extraordinary men and women of God minister the fireful word of God to us fresh out of heaven’s oven. They spoke the exact mind of God to us.

Everyone who was present can testify that the Lord truly honored us with His presence and His anointing.

God didn’t leave us. He was right there with us the whole time.

Here are snippets of the ministration:

Most importantly, God used YAC 2020 to reach out to our hearts, and to call us to the place of fellowship with Him, to the place where we become supernatural, beyond just wanting to do supernatural things.

After the meeting, we were left with the longing and the desire to seek God more, to know God more, to want to yield to His will every step of the way as we live for Him.

Truly, we have to thank the Lord, and give all the glory to Him for making this possible and for blessing us with amazing volunteers whose little went a long way in making this a possibility.

Can you believe that we reached over 60,000 people across different platforms? Awemazing! God is so FAITHFUL!

Personally, I didn’t feel like it was an online meeting, I literally felt like we were all gathered at the stadium. It was an experience.

And while we are still receiving testimonies from YAC attendees, I’d be sharing this testimony from one of our YAC Volunteers with you here for now.

Here goes:

I do not regret volunteering for YAC.

Even though I had work to do, I kept hearing the still voice saying I should do it joyfully, which I did.

At the last day of our push, after uploading several contents, I got a message from my boss. Initially while creating the contents,a partner wrote something she said “we will be the first to testify” , I keyed in to it.

I’m meant to be out of work for this season, but to the glory of God, after uploading contents for YAC , that same night , my salary was tripled !!

That was just the beginning of my testimony, during YAC 2020, A lot of secrets were exposed by the ministers , even tho those things have been there, it was not until YAC 2020 that I got the clear understanding.

I feel like a new soul !!!

I’m grateful to God that I heard of YMR 2019 sometime around march last year, because ever since then, I’ve been following Pdaniel, and He’s been a great impact in my life.

Through him , I knew men ought to be on fire for God!!…

A wind of change swept through my life and I’m unable to recover.


If you’d like to share your testimonies, see information on the flier below on how to do that. Please, share your testimonies, don’t keep it as a secret.

PS: I can’t end this post without including Pastor Daniel’s love letter, well love Whatsapp message,  to the YAC volunteers. It was really heart-warming 🙂 🙂

Kai Kai Kai kai

Thank you very much for your support

Thank you making YAC a success

Thank you for your seed

Thank you for your joining

Thank you for connecting

Thank you for sharing the fliers

Thank you for your commitment

Thank you for all you love

Thank for your push that we were able to reach over 60,000 people as at the end of the meeting across all platforms.

Thank you for your prayers

Thanks for sharing data to others

Thanks for all you do

May God honour you all

I count it a great privilege to lead this army.

We are taking over the world for Jesus together.

Let’s prepare for YMR 2020



I see a burning generation







Follow @pdanielolawande on IG for more YAC 2020 information. You really don’t want to miss out when the messages become available for download.

See you at YMR 2020!!


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