Where is my Mary? – Pdaniel

God doesn’t waste His daughters, dear brother before you pray for a good wife, pray for capacity to hear him on how to protect His daughter and the vision he plants into her for both of you to nurture.
God will never give a “Mary” to a guy who is not a “Joseph” i.e a man that doesn’t have capacity to hear him on how to protect his daughter Mary and His Vision Jesus which He planted inside His daughter Mary.
Get this clear, small men can never marry great women
Some men can’t stand the greatness of the woman God gives them, that is why many men marry mediocres
I refuse to be small
I see a burning generation

Picture of P. Daniel Olawande
P. Daniel Olawande

Daniel Olawande fondly called P.Daniel is a polymath with a mandate to raise the burning generation by setting people on fire for God in all spheres of influence.

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