There is power in tongues

Hallelujah sir….m so happy and grateful
A week ago I clocked 21years, and as a lady I have never experienced my menstral flow for a day all my life, this has caused a lot if depression in my life. To cut a long story short,In your prayer this morning, I heard u speak in tonuges immediately I started speaking too,when i finshed praying I saw blood all over my body… I thank God that the chain has be loosed….
I never knew my miracle will start from day one????…I now believe there is God anywhere… I got healed in my own room
Sis Folabomi

Picture of P. Daniel Olawande
P. Daniel Olawande

Daniel Olawande fondly called P.Daniel is a polymath with a mandate to raise the burning generation by setting people on fire for God in all spheres of influence.

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