The Secret Place – Pdaniel Olawande

_*The secret place*_ is that spiritual geographical location where you access divinity.
_*The secret place*_ is the portal of the Spirit, the pathway, the door, the gate of the Spirit.
_*The secret place*_ is your meeting ground with your maker.
_*The secret place*_ is the platform for exchange between humanity and divinity.
_*The secret place*_ is your negotiation ground.
_*The secret place*_ is the altar where your life is altered to fulfil His agenda.
_*The secret place*_ is the platform to access top classified secrets.
*_The secret place_* is the platform for renewal.
*_The secret place*_ is the bank of MERCY.
*_The secret place_* is that ground for alignment.
_*The secret place*_ is a stage for battle.
_*The secret place*_ is where flesh is defeated and spirit is equipped.
_*The secret place*_ is quary for strength.
_*The secret place*_ is to store of revelation that leads to transformation to herald your manifestation .
*_The secret place_* is the court of law where your advocate comes to defend you .
_*The secret place*_ is the meeting ground for the Trinity in council of heaven( Father, Son, Holy Spirit) to meet with the Trinity council on earth ( Body, Soul, Spirit ).
_*The secret place*_is the place where you are heard, no matter who is not interested in listening to you.
_*The secret place*_ is the place where you have freedom of expression, no rules, you are free to be you.
_*The secret place*_ a place where your tears and fears count.
_*The secret place*_ the place for renewal and restoration.
_*The secret place*_ a place of growth.
_*The secret place*_ is the only school where your teacher is your maker, your teacher is the word Himself, your teacher is the one that understands your complexity, He lectures you with the curriculum that fits your life exactly.
_*The secret place*_ is the furnace of purification.
_*The secret place*_ is the theatre where you are broken to pieces and moulding to what He wants.
_*The secret place*_ This is where God Himself dwells
_*The secret place*_ is the Only place where God will call you by name.
*God dwells in secret because He wants you to find Him and in Finding Him you will discover and find yourself* .
Do you even know the name God calls you? are you aware you have a name that only Him calls you?
Until you know the name He calls you, you have not started.
Isaiah 45: 3 And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and *hidden riches of secret places,* that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, *which call thee by thy name* , am the God of Israel
Why are you running away from the _*The secret place*_
Why are you far away from your destination.
There are riches in _*The secret place*_.
Hear me, He is not asking for a visit, He is saying come and dwell.
Psalm 91:1 He that *dwelleth* in the *secret place* of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
To dwell means to remain, abide, have your permanent address in the realms of the Spirit.
Quit visiting and get a permanent Visa to the secret place today
There are many riches available for the taking.
The Secret place is not short of God’s secrets but Permanent residence and dwellers are scarce, we only have many visitors.
Stay, dwell, wait, reside, remain, sit In the secret place
I see a burning generation

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P. Daniel Olawande

Daniel Olawande fondly called P.Daniel is a polymath with a mandate to raise the burning generation by setting people on fire for God in all spheres of influence.

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