Redemption Camp, Ogun State, NG

Many young ministers today are confused, they have identity crises, they don’t know what to do, they are under unnecessary pressure.
Some needs to shut down listening to ANYONE for A SHORT WHILE but listen to GOD,
Stop reading any BOOK but the BIBLE FOR A SHORT WHILE,
No song but that from their mouth FOR A SHORT WHILE,
A RETREAT PERIOD, for a while so that they can know God for themselves
Know what God wants to you do, locate it and be unique in doing it
Be consistent
Don’t be under pressure to impress a generation by trying to gain acceptance by all means.
We are quick to give ourselves a brand, so that we can be known for something, well the mistake is that the kingdom is the same as industry or sector, it is not Cocacola and Pepsi,
It is God that brands His sons and gives them identity not them trying to create a niche for themselves because of relevance.
This identity comes with TIME, it is a result of God’s dealings over time.
Even me, I have been shouting fire since campus but what I preach then was motivation, I came into the fullness of what I am doing now on the 19th of May 2018, when God Said get the home and raise me a burning generation (I was out of the nation)
Surprised right ? Guess what, we have been doing 12 hours speaking in tongues (Fire in my Bones ) for 3 years before this time oh, 12 hours for me was an offshoot of my personal prayer life that I wanted to bring other young people into, no because I wanted a brand or ministry of tongues (nothing like that )
So someone should not get it twisted.
The word is the main thing, focus on the word, quit trying to brand yourself, Let God brand you.
People associated me with fire of God today not because I love Fire so much but because God branded me with it, He made it like an emblem of my ministerial assignment
Hear this, I am flexible enough, If God says my Son, I am done with that move, now we enter a new phase and I will immediately quit your firetic accolade and face the next thing but until the Lord says next, we will obey the last instruction as if another one is not coming, because what you do with the last will qualify you for the next.
Keep doing what God has called you to do, they might not listen to you now because you have not been approved and your time has not come.
My father, Pastor E.A Adeboye became the G.O of RCCG in 1981, but came to global relevance after Lekki 1998, he has been consistent since 1981 growing and imparting men but 1998 an explosion came.
The real deal here is consistency in doing what God gave You to do not what you want or think it’s right or what is reigning.
It might take time to be approved, but when the doors open for you, the world will shift and come to listen to you.
Now imagine you have changed to your message to a particular reigning message, by the time your own door opens, they can no longer find you in the place God places you and the message He gave you again.
God is building His body constructively and opens them up to ministers with specific dimensions per time.
But note this, not everyone will bring a new wave or new order to the body because everyone doesn’t have an Apostolic calling.
Some callings are in the calling of an Apostolic voice, all you need do is to locate that voice and serve there and your grace will be decorated under that covering .
Don’t try to be relevant, let God make you relevant
Don’t try to do what a man is doing or try to break a record, Who sent you?
God will only provide for His Vision (Provision)
He God didn’t call you, you will by yourself pay your transport fare.
Don’t be under pressure to perform or make a statement.
Don’t pursue earthly relevance at the detriment of heavenly goals
Don’t promote yourself, when God is still processing you.
I hope you are instructed
I see a burning generation

Pdaniel Olawande

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