The Anointing That Makes The Difference

Recently, I decided to follow this Bible reading plan that will help me read the bible, the entire bible in 90 days.

I am currently on Day 6,and my life and my mindset has changed. I cannot even lie to you.

I would love to share ALL the amazing details but let me move to the one that struck me the most on Monday morning.

You can have all the skills in this life, you can be the best writer, best teacher, best designer, the best artist, best singer, and the best anything that you currently do.

But what will make the difference is the ANOINTING? The anointing of God makes the difference.

In these times, it is not enough to just be the best at what you do. The people in your industry, the people that God has sent you to reach out to are looking for just ONE thing: TRANSFORMATION

Forget about the hype. TRANSFORMATION is what matters. And only the anointing transforms people.

If you are a believer and what you are doing isn’t transforming lives, you are wasting time.

In Exodus 35:31, the scripture shows us how Bezalel, the master craftsman, was able to recreate a picture of the tabernacle in heaven here on earth under the leadership of Moses.

The Lord filled him with His spirit and GAVE him GREAT Wisdom, ability, and expertise in all kinds of crafts.

See the scripture live and direct here:

The Lord has filled Bezalel with the Spirit of God, giving him great wisdom, ability, and expertise in all kinds of crafts (Exodus 35:31).

What does this tell you? There is a certain kind of wisdom, ability and expertise that only God can give you in your craft. That’s the Anointing, that’s the distinguishing factor.

How then can you receive this anointing? By fellowshipping with the anointing, the Spirit of God, daily.

By allowing the Spirit of God fill you so much that everything you do will become an expression of the anointing that causes a transformation in the lives of men.

The question for you today is: Are you ready to receive the GREAT wisdom, ability, and expertise that God wants to give you?

Picture of P. Daniel Olawande
P. Daniel Olawande

Daniel Olawande fondly called P.Daniel is a polymath with a mandate to raise the burning generation by setting people on fire for God in all spheres of influence.

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