Redemption Camp, Ogun State, NG

What are the things you like the most about PMO?

PDaniel: I like everything about her. But I love her tenderness most especially. PMO is very tender.

What do you like the most about PDaniel?

I like the fact that he is a super exciting person. There’s always something happening with him, and he is goal oriented. I like his eyes too.

How did you deal with finances in the first year of your marriage and being in full time ministry?

PDaniel: God was faithful, and we never lacked. I am also a very hardworking man. I am not the kind of man that will sit down and say God will do everything for me. Also, you need to understand that ministry is work. I am working for God.

PMO: Honestly, God was faithful and we never lacked food during those times

How did you both meet?

PDaniel: At age 22, I had a 6 hrs prayer retreat where the Lord revealed to me my life from age 22-30. During this prayer, the Lord gave me 16 things about the lady I would get married to, and I wrote them out in my journal.

I got involved in some relationships, many looked like it but I was not convinced. On October 2017, I was called to minister at a village outreach. During the meeting, I saw two ladies singing together, and the sound coming from them connected with me instantly. I met them after the meeting but my heart was connecting more to one of them. So, I began to interview her and I started developing the convictions.

She wasn’t looking so elegant when we met because of course it was a village outreach but I saw beyond beauty, I saw virtues. Then I discussed it with some of my close friends in the Lord and my mentor and we started praying about it.

I invited her to redemption camp old arena (prayer foyer), we got talking, and during our discussion the Holy ghost came heavily in our midst. Then I brought out my prophetic journal, and she had 15 out of the listed 16 the Lord spoke to me about.

She told me her purpose was to set ladies on fire for God, I told her with excitement that my purpose is also to set men on fire for God (this is purpose compatibility). We held hands to pray and the presence of God was so mighty. I just knew she was the one for me, I had no dreams nor did I see any vision, I simply heard God.

On October 6, I told her I was going to get married to her so she prayed about it, and I got to propose on December.
On May 5 2018, we got married.

How do you balance work, family and ministry?

PDaniel: Yes, all you need to do is to set your priorities right, doing the right thing at the right time. Set a time frame for everything. For me, nothing interferes with my family time. My family is my ministry. My prayer time is not to be disturbed. Once you set a time frame for everything, you should be good.

How were you able to control sexual urges during courtship?

PDaniel: We had 6 months of courtship and there was no kissing, romance nor sex. We had the mindset of being models for others to follow, we were both determined. There were times when we had the urge but one of us was always strong and we scaled through. We were strong for each other.

What’s your advice to those who see their partner as a potential threat?

Everybody knows Ronaldo but not his coach, everyone knows Messi, but not his coach. So the fact remains that all great players can’t do without a coach. As a man, you should coach your partner to her full potentials and not to be threatened by her success. As a lady, you must be submissive. You shouldn’t take vital decisions without your partner’s consent.

What’s the age difference between you and PMO?

PMO: Two and a half years

What’s your take on uncontrollable anger in relationships?

Any man/lady that cannot control his/her anger is not worth getting married to. Any man that raises his hand to hit you in courtship can kill you in marriage. Self control is needed, everybody gets angry but you need to learn to control your anger. If your partner cannot control his/her anger, run away until the Lord changes them.

What’s your opinion on involving friends and third party in your relationship?

I don’t believe in third parties in a relationship. Myself and my wife solve our issues ourselves. The only person involved in our relationship is our mentor. Be matured and handle issues yourselves.

How do you feel when you go for ministration for weeks without PMO?

We talk, chat, send pictures everyday. I do video call her also, communication bridges the gap. Communication is the strength of any relationship.

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