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So we have received some questions from you and here are the answers below:

Do you rule out some tribes while trusting God for marriage, especially tribes that are known with a character that is not acceptable by you, and your community?

I don’t consider tribes, I consider what the Lord is saying to me. So you must hear the Lord, and be sure that the Lord is leading you. I don’t consider tribe. I consider family. I can’t just enter any family. I observe the family, I question things about the family. There are some families I can’t enter. Just follow what the Holy Ghost is saying to you.

Apart from being born again and having mutual purpose, is there more to look out for when considering a marital partner?

Yes, look at purpose. Then apart from salvation, look at character. Character is very important. Then check the doctrine to see if you both believe in the same thing because when you marry somebody that is not in agreement with you doctrinally, you might end up being in problem.

What’s the secret of your marriage, what was courtship like?

The secret of my marriage is that we both love God.

We both decided to make it work. We have never quarreled and we have never fought for two years now. Why? Because when I am angry she’s quiet. If she is offended, I don’t argue. And when she says I don’t like what you did, I apologize. When I say I don’t like what she did, she says “I am sorry”.

It’s so simple. Husbands love your wives, and wives submit to your husbands. That’s the principle. I love her, she submits to me. It’s not as if issues that can make us quarrel don’t arise, but we don’t allow it to linger. We address it immediately and it is over.

During courtship, we were reading. I took her to the bookshop and we bought books worth N16,000. So, we were reading, praying, fasting, attending conferences and meetings together, and planning in courtship. We were also correcting each other’s character flaws.

Is it possible to get married to a sister that brought you into faith?

Yes, it is very possible. If the Lord says she is your wife. God can use a sister to convert her husband.

Good day sir, what can a couple do in a situation where they both heard from God, but the girl’s mother refused to agree, even after being shown in a dream that they are God’s will for each other simply because the guy is not a graduate, while the girl is a graduate.

You both need to pray in agreement that the mother will agree because you cannot steal the daughter of the mother away. So you have to pray that the Lord will touch her heart.

The bible says the heart of Kings are in His hands, and He turns it to wherever He pleases. So pray together in agreement that God will touch the mother’s heart

People talk about mentorship a lot and it gets me bothered. Do I have to be led from GOD about my mentor or do I go for mentorship where I see its right, I’ve been praying for a mentor but no answer, is there something I’m not praying for or doing or do I have to stop praying about it?

A mentor is someone who is where you want to go to. Some kind of mentors don’t need prayers. A mentor is simply an expert in an area where you want to be mentored. So you can just approach the person and say I need you to mentor me on this area. But when it comes to a life coach spiritually, you need to trust the Lord to lead you to a mentor who will guide your life, who will order your steps.

If after you have prayed about tit and you are convinced, then you have to approach the person, talk to the person. If the person does not respond to your request, start being visible by serving them.

When they have programs, attend and be visible. Share their fliers. Just make sure you are helping the mentor solve his or her problem. Eventually, the mentor will notice you and give you access to his or her life.

Is it possible for God to give the partner He promised someone to someone else because the person’s growth is not fast or maybe the person has not passed what God wants the person to pass?

That’s a funny question. But if the Lord wants you to do something with a person, and you are not willing to pay the price, it is possible that you can be replaced. I believe so.

The purpose of courtship is to nurture and grow both persons in the courtship relationship because nobody is perfect. I nurtured my wife to become what she is. I taught her several things. I know my assignment is to teach her and guide her. In courtship, you have to ensure that the other person is growing as you are growing. But if one person is willing to grow while the other person is not, God’s plan can never be stranded.

Pastor Daniel, I noticed your hairstyle has changed. You no longer cut Afro. What can you share on that sir? What advice would you give to us as regard hairstyles ? Thank you for your anticipated response.

Wow! My haircut changed because season has changed. I had to change, and there is nothing special. But everything you do must give glory to God. As long as it gives glory to God, you are fine.

God bless you.

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