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Should a woman drop her aspirations in marriage in order to support her husband?

From Seyifunmi

PDaniel: You must marry a man that understands your vision and your mandate and two of you need to actively work together to fulfill whatever the Lord wants you to do. Marriage does not take away God’s plan for your life. In marriage, you must see how your vision fits into the man’s assignment and vision. For example, my wife’s vision is finding expression in my assignment.

Please sir, I’ve been in a relationship that would clock 9yrs this June.He loves me so much, and can go to any length for me but I don’t love him that much.

He’s my first boyfriend and he disvirgined me Nov.2019. I didn’t want to but I was encouraged to by my Aunt whom I thought was a believer.He wants us to settle down this year but I don’t know if I should.

He’s not a believer cos I learnt he is not against having sex before marriage. Help me Pastor Daniel.I don’t want to marry wrongly. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

From Anonymous

PDaniel: You cannot marry an unbeliever no matter how many years you have been in the relationship. Two of you must have the same foundation of faith before marriage.

Secondly, if you don’t love him, you might be frustrated in that marriage. How were you able to stay in a relationship for nine years without loving the person?

You cannot say God is leading me and love doesn’t matter. There must be love in the relationship. You need genuine love before you go into any relationship.

Please, before you go ahead, take time to find out if you really love the person. If you don’t love the person, it is wise to walk away. Lastly, when you don’t have peace, it’s a sign that you should recheck the relationship.

Please what is your advice on ladies marrying those they are older than,is it wrong or right? Sir what counsel can you give to someone in distant relationship and do quarrel? How can one really bring out the best in such distant relationship? Thank you sir.

From Pamilerin

PDaniel: Age is not a factor. It is dependent on you. If you are older than the guy and the guy is comfortable with it, and you can respect and honour the person, you can go ahead. But if you can’t respect and honour the person, it is not wise to go ahead.

Then for my thoughts on distant relationship, I personally don’t really like distant relationships. But if it works for you, and there is good communication, which is the strength of any relationship,  you can go ahead.

Then if you are quarreling, you must understand the root cause of the problem, be mature about it, and address it. That will be my counsel.

Please Sir, I am bothered about the age difference between my friend and I, he is 39 and I am 27. I am really not okay with that because I initially wanted 8years gap. I await your reply.

From Ugochinyere

PDaniel: There is no issue with age. If you love and honour the person, there is no issue with the age.

Please, is it possible for God to call one into ministry yet the person has no desire for the things of God. What does one do when he lacks the zeal to fulfill the call?

From Thomas

PDaniel: Then what is God calling you for? One of the pointers to your call is your passion. So if God is calling you, and there is no passion or zeal, you have to wait on God until that passion consumes you because it is that passion that fuels your calling.

Please, if one prays in the spirit everyday. How does one know the prayer covers the Family, friends and the members even as a pastor the church. Thank you.

From ElTom

PDaniel: Romans 8:26 says that the Holy Ghost helps us pray. So when you pray in the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost is praying through you.

So what I do most of the time is when I am praying, I put people in my heart. I put my family in my heart, and I begin to pray in the Holy Ghost over my family or over people.

Sometimes I start in English and move into tongues. Also, learn to still pray in your understanding. Learn to still mention issues in English. After I pray in tongues for 3 hours. I pray for 20 mins in my understanding as well.

God bless you.


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