Redemption Camp, Ogun State, NG

– Great expectations without a great preparation will ultimately lead to a great frustration culminating into a great molestation. This January Spiritual knowledge is not by praying alone, Pick at least 2 books and devour them voraciously, listen to at least 1 sermon daily. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.
– This is my strategy, I have the printed book in my bag and table at home, then the e-books on all my phones and tablet, so I have no excuse if I forgot the book, i switch to my phone or tab. Instead of spending the whole day on Facebook and WhatsApp, I read my book.
Dont spend your time, Invest it
– After listening to a message in church, ensure you download the message and listen over and over again, you will be amazed that you will hear the things you didnt hear during the service. You can download some of our messages on
– God transfers grace from men to men. Locate the man who carries the grace that you desire, connect with them, their persons, their messages, their calling and honour them. Then what they carry will flow.
– Only a bastard enjoys his father being insulted. Dont all any one Spite
– If you like wear the suit of a man of God, if your heart is not strongly connected, nothing will flow into you
– Your Elijah does not need to die before you carry his mantle. Just connect heartily
– How will you say a man is your mentor and father and you dont listen to his messages over and over again and you dont read his or attend his programs, abegi stop lying.
– Any father you cannot publicly declare because you are ashamed, is not your father. Dont be a fan of your father but an addicted follower.
– Most great secrets and Impartation are not taught but caught. Learn to learn by observation with your whole heart ask questions when necessary
– The men are agencies of the good and perfect gift of God, but note, those men are not perfect.
– Not all Pastors are normal human beings, some are spiritual systems to usher in men into a dimension of God. If you locate such men stay connected and partake of such grace.
– It takes grace to make great


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