Letter to Young Ministers – PDaniel

Dear young minister
I know you have been taught to exercise your faith and pray for everyone, but please with all thy faith and anointing have discernment.
Everyone Jesus prayed for got well
But Jesus didn’t pray for everyone .
He only prayed for the ones He is sure the father wants to heal at that time so all of them got well.
Hmmm, He came to the pool of bethsaida and He only prayed for ONE man, what about the others, He was passing through the beautiful gate for 3 years of His ministry into the temple, yet He didn’t heal the man or even pray for Him, why? Because He knew by discernment that the lame man is for Peter not for Him
Many people were sick in Jesus’s time but everyone He prayed for got well while He left some.
Learn and develop discernment
Don’t lay hands on everyone
Even Jesus didn’t lay hands on everyone, some He spoke, some He touched, some He layed hands, some He used mud and saliva.
Sir don’t make a method out God.
Let me share my experience, I was asked to pray for a woman that I would love to be alive, but the Lord said, don’t bother, she will die, she needs to come and rest.
I was bothered, but it will be foolish of me to start fasting, it would just be a hunger strike.
I told those close to the woman that they should let her rest, that God said she will die, she later died.
Don’t just be moved by zeal, have discernment.
I have prayed for 4 Mad and insane fellows, let me tell you the truth, I was genuinely led to pray for 2 and the two got well instantly, the remaining 2, I was under pressure to perform, see, they became more mad, they didn’t get well at all.
Sir don’t be under pressure to perform, God is not a performer, if you do, you will be on your own.
With thy faith, have discernment.
Note this is not an excuse for lack of faith or the anointing, Labour and build all, but always be in alignment with Heaven for every meeting, we are not here to show but to minister, but we will only minister according to the grace God release to us.
In terms of alignment, there was a day I had a service to minister and while praying and preparing for the service, I had a revelation that I was ministering to those with eye issues, so I knew God wanted to address eye issues,
So when I got to church, I didn’t stress myself, I just said all those with eye challenge, any eye challenge should come out, I ministered to them and EVERYONE who came out got well instantly, people were removing their glasses, people could read easily (NO BLIND PERSON THERE OH).
We were so happy, it was so easy, because I knew what God wanted to do in that service and I align accurately
What are pointers to who God wants you to pray for?
1. Compassion for the person
2. Concentrated anger at the devil for that work and manipulation
These two will usher in the flow of the Anointing
I hope you are instructed
I see a burning generation

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