LETTER TO MY Baby – PDaniel

My Dear Bae
Oluwanifemi Daniel -Olawande
The Queen of The Fire Nation Dynasty
The Female Kingdom Warrior
I met you on October 6 on 2017 at a village outreach, you were so crazy about God, you loved God, moving around looking for how we can terrorize demons in the village, your tongues was so territorial and your voice so angelic.
When I saw you and interrogated you, I knew I met her already, I knew she is just the one.
I asked her a question, what is your purpose?
She replied my purpose is to set women on Fire for God.
I screamed, I said she is the one
I went into prayers and I came around October 13 saying I think I am going to marry you
I met with my pastors and mentors
December 8, 2017 I proposed
6 months later on May 5 2018 to be precise, she went to the altar with me to become my wife.
Just 6 months, no PHD in courtship, believe me, it was as if we had met and were friends for 10 years.
PMO is an enigma
A wife indeed
Humble to a fault, submissive chai
She is prayerful and firefull
You wake up in the night only to see my babe scabashing.
You taught me that You can slay and still fry demons
Thanks for following me to do the will of God
Thanks for allowing me to be me
Thanks for believing me
Thanks for managing my finances for me
My ministry and life multiplied when you came in.
My spiritual life doubled when you came in
Anointing increased when you came in.
People often say, when a man of God gets married, fire reduces but when you came in fire enter a new level.
You are not just an addition but multiplication.
My fuel full baby.
She is my Assistant HolySpirit, I can tell you, if she says it, the Lord has spoken, so sensitive.
Thanks for giving me that beautiful flaming Zion.
I love you my babe
Doctor in the making
You are sent from God to me
Fire + Fuel = Flaming (if you know you know)
I know you are going places, the nation’s shall call you blessed and a mother of nations shall you be.
Your Husband
From The Fire Nation Dynasty

Picture of P. Daniel Olawande
P. Daniel Olawande

Daniel Olawande fondly called P.Daniel is a polymath with a mandate to raise the burning generation by setting people on fire for God in all spheres of influence.

11 Responses

  1. Wow this is lovely,may ur love wax stronger
    I pray that d both of u will not miss it in life in Jesus name

  2. Waoh!!! I’m damnly speechless….
    Happy Birthday to you Mama (PMO) You will live long to fulfill God’s mandate ma’am…

  3. Its exhiliratin to savour the scent of a beloved. On this special day may u witness an amalgamation of tripatite blessings, fruitfulness and fresh oil capulated in a dose of longevity. Enjoy ur day ma as u bask in the euphoria of special moments. Lots of love. Asuelinmen glory

  4. You don’t know me sir, I came to your church once and I know we will meet again in future, then I will remind you of this message, lovely write up, keep on challenging me, its modeling.. Bye

  5. Chai! Jesus give me one of these who are still single… Make we burn the nation of darkness down… No time to waste… Fire is not in the bone for display, we burn anything not confirmed to Christ!!!
    May God fill you both till you are super-over-drunk

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