How to Continue Experiencing YMR 2020 in 2021

YMR 2020 was all shades of EXPLOSIVE!!

Like, I have still not found the right words to describe what happened at YMR 2020.

And as expected, when anointed men and women of God come together, in one place, to dish out the word of God to God’s children, the spirit of God will break out and flow like a mighty rushing wind.

God was in our midst. The jaw-dropping testimonies are more than enough proof that the manifest presence of God was living, active and POWERFUL in our midst.

Grace literally felt pain leave her body.

Ayodele’s neck bone disorder of 8 years vanished.

A person’s breast lump disappeared during the prophetic declarations.

A man, who had such a serious health condition that he could not walk for 2 months, began to RUN around when the Word of God came.

You can read the rest of this amazing story HERE

A short leg grew to the size of the right. See the photo HERE

A man who has been unable to walk without crutches was healed. See pictures HERE

A person’s bent toes of 5 years became straightened! See pictures HERE

A deformed body was made whole after YMR 2020. Check it out HERE

And to crown it all, TWO proposals went down at YMR 2020!!

Plenty of weddings coming up this year! And we can’t wait for the kingdom homes that God will be planting in 2021!

See the first proposal HERE and the second proposal HERE

And the best part is this: you can listen to the messages that birthed these amazing testimonies over and over again and experience great miracles in your life.

It doesn’t have to end at the Redemption Camp! Because we serve a God who is not bound by location and time.

Simply click this link HERE – to download all the audios. It’s that simple.

And then share with your loved ones! So that we can all rise and fulfil God’s best thoughts for our lives.



PS: You can send your testimonies to or you can call or text the following numbers 08123662464, 07034070910. Let’s help you share them and encourage others as well.

Happy New Year! Don’t forget the word for the year:


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P. Daniel Olawande

Daniel Olawande fondly called P.Daniel is a polymath with a mandate to raise the burning generation by setting people on fire for God in all spheres of influence.

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