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Building consistency in prayer and our Spiritual walk with God is not an event but a process. Sometimes, some of my protegees and friends will say P.Daniel please tell me how many hours you pray a day, some will say before you preach how many hours do you spend.
I laughed, well I didn’t start that prayer life today, it started since 2009, so it is not wise to start from what I do now but build your own process.
Don’t copy a man’s product, copy his process.
I won’t lie to you, sometimes, I miss my prayer and study time, sometimes I sleep off, some times I try mid night prayers, I just dose off. Some times I sleep off while reading my Bible, sometimes bible no dey enter at all .
Sir, if I tell you I pray practically throughout the whole day now, glory to God but that doesn’t mean there are days I find it difficult to mutter tongue. Hmmmmm.
The reason why we find it difficult to build a consistent relationship is that we are too rigid, we are not flexible. We also try to start from the big goals e.g 5 hours tongues daily, 3 hours bible study daily.
Bros na lie( since you have been doing new year resolution how many times have you achieved it).
The process is simple
So keep your goals simple and let it grow
Sir I started from 1 hour prayers daily, to 2 hours, to 3 hours to sometimes (4, 5 up till 14 hours (NOTE NOT DAILY OH BUT SOMETIMES).
All these in the space of years oh.
Please don’t try to say I will do 10 hours daily, it won’t fly.
Take it little by little and celebrate your small success.
E.g say for the next 21 days I will do 1 hour daily in tongues and 30 minutes in the word, then Stick to it and be consistent.
Celebrate the victory, then let it grow to more hours gradually.
Don’t start with I will wake up by 12 daily, start with any time I wake up to urinate, I will pray at least 10 minutes before going to bed again, then let it grow.
Learn to master small goals then new and big once will be easy.
10 minutes daily in the midnight is better than 1 hour in the night once in a week.
Let me tell you my own story
Sometimes I made a commitment to wake up by 3am to pray daily, guess what I failed. I moved to 4am I failed then 5am, so I always feel like failure when I missed those times and I find it difficult to pray. I feel I have failed and useless but guess what, God is not even looking at me in that light.
But see what I did, my Spiritual concentration demands that I pray 3 hours in tongues before the day starts, so since I always miss my time.
I came up with a new strategy
Any time I wake up maybe 4 or 5 or 6 or even 7(this is laziness Sha) the rule is before Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, I must invest 3 hours daily then after I write my post and so on.
So, I saw I had victory and success in this and it became my style, I discovered that I wake up mostly between 5 and 6 so my prayers runs till 8 or 9. At that point, my friends knew I won’t pick your call or reply your chat until 9am. Gradually, it became easy to wake 4:30, 4:00, 3:30 because I mastered the 5 and 6.
I don’t feel like a failure again because anytime I wake up, my 3 hours must be complete.
So at a point I have early morning engagements, I will do my hours on the road no chat, no calls, all I do is just earpiece and worship songs playing and tongues flowing inside the bus gradually without disturbing anyone. All you can see is my lips are shaking lakablakobubarazetocush.
If my hours is not complete then, will add it in the night or the next morning.
It’s not compulsory you do bible study in the morning, look for a convenient time and be consistent. Your prayer time can be different from mine, just be consistent.
Consistency is very easy just be flexible.
I call you blessed.
Waiting for your testimony.
I see a burning generation

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