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February 2019 – My Month of Wonder Encounter of Great Favour

Let give God praises, yesterday was a wonderful experience, and today is another major experience. his worthy of our Glory, his worthy of our praises.

Prophetic Scripture for Day 2 of 12 days of Glory

1 kings 11: 19:  And Hadad found great favour in the sight of Pharaoh, so that he gave him to wife the sister of his own wife, the sister of Tahpenes the queen

Prayers points

  1. Father, thank you for the day one of 12 days of Glory. Thank you for all the testimonies and miracles everywhere
  2. Father, Thank you for the testimonies and your mighty move of God, is a sign that yours is next
  3. Father, thank you because this is my season of Wonder announcement of breakthrough, of open door, of new dawn and of good news
  4. Father, thank you because January 2019 will be 31 days of Wonder announcement
  5. Father, thank you because my 2019 is loaded with powerful and glorious experience
  6. When you thank God for the last, you are qualified for the next.When you thank God for the next, he automatically bring the next. Give God praise. Father, thank you for the year 2019. Is a year of Power, year of Glory, year of Wonder experiences.
  7. Father February 2019 is loaded with encounter of great favour with men of substance and men of importance.. Begin to talk to God
  8. Father, in February, 2019 I shall be supernatural Favour, I have supernatural encounter, impartation, revelation and visitation
  9. Father in February 2019 and the whole 2019 by the instrumentality of this great favour encounters I will not loose any opportunity. Doors are opened unto me opportunities will come to me in Jesus Name
  10. Say Father, in February 2019 and the whole of 2019,by this wonder encounter of great favour. I shall be helped by people I did not know. I shall be helped in places I didn’t apply for. Help will come all over me
  11. Say Father! In February 2019 by this encounter of great favour my name shall be mentioned in great and royal places for promotions.
  12. Father, in February, 2019 by this wonder encounter of great favour, I shall qualified by great favour, what am not qualify for naturally, am qualified by great favour

Prophetic Declaration from PDaniel

I declare this morning, before 12am, you will dance, whatever will cost you to dance God will do it.
I see someone receiving letter
I see someone visa granted todayI see someone car coming today
I see someone Accommodation been sorted
You will dance
Is your dancing session
Thank him because dancing is coming
I decree every opportunity that you have lost this year before the end of this fasting they are restored
There is someone on this platform before noon, they will call you back.
You will receive a message to come back
You will be reconsidered
I Decree as God ‘s prophet, starting from today, men shall gather together to favour you,
Discussions of favor will come about you
Starting from this morning, In your office,In your family, on the road, any where you find your self,men shall gather to ensure you are favored, men shall fight them selves to ensure you are favored.
In places where you can not get to, they will discuss about you for favor
I decree as God’s prophet, you will have testimony of divine favor
Hear me! What you did not plan for, what is not in your budget, by favour it is released onto you
Decree to Yourself:
I receive favour in high places
I receive favour in Royal places
I receive favour in Great places


1. Everyday of the last 12 days of 2018 represent the 12 months in 2019
2. This day 2 represents February, 2019
3. Share your testimonies on the platform as God is doing it
4. Send your prayer request to


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