Redemption Camp, Ogun State, NG

12 Days of Glory with P Daniel
Day 1
January 2019 – My Month of Wonder Announcement

Let worship God this morning give him praise for what he has done for you from January 1 till now, he have been faithful, his awesome, his worthy of our praises.
Sing a song to him

Prayers points

1. Father, thank you for all the blessings that had been released unto me in the year 2018
2. Father, thank you because my 2019 is secure in your Glory
3. Father, thank you because 2019 is going to be 12 months of Power and Glory
4. Father, thank you because 2019 will be far far better than 2018 for me and my family and my loved ones
5. Father thank you because in 2019 my life will experience the fullness of your Power
6. Father I declare January, 2019 my month of wonder announcement
7. Father, January 2019 shall be 31 days of Wonder announcement of testimonies for me, my family and my church
8. Father January, 2019 shall be my month of Wonder announcement of Goodness for me, my family, my love ones and my church
9. Father, January 2019 shall be my month of Wonder announcement of unlimited break through for myself, my family, my church and everyone connected to me
10. Father, January, 2019 shall be my month of Wonder announcement of progress, progress on all sides. Unlimited progress, unstoppable progress
11. Father, in January 2019. It shall be my month of Wonder announcement of a new door for me, my family, my church and my love ones. New door on all sides financially, spiritually, academically, intellectually
12. Father, January 2019 shall be my month of wonder announcement of open doors, no door shall be close against me. Open doors of prosperity, open doors of the supernatural, open doors of healings, open door of the prophetic, open doors of the angelic, open doors on all sides

Prophetic Declarations

1. January 2019 is our month of Wonder announcement: it means in January, 2019 you shall have announcement of wonders, the kind of announcement that will shock your generation, an announcement that will Cather-port you from. Nonentity to entity
2. In January, 2019 there shall be shout of Joy in your family, there shall be overflow of the shout of Joy. Wonders announcement everywhere, everyone connected, associated and related to this platform.
3. I cancel bad news. The bad news of today is averted. The fire accident is averted. The bad news concerning your siblings is cancelled today and you will testify
4. I decree every door that is closed against you is open. Door of the supernatural, doors of the spirit, doors of healing, doors of deliverance, doors of Power, doors of prosperity, doors of favour they are open unto you,
5. Before the end of this 12 days of Glory, you will experience wonders announcement of Good news, wonders announcement of unlimited break through, wonder announcement of unstoppable progress, wonder announcement of new dawn, wonder announcement of open doors. Doors are open unto you.
6. you will experience new dawn, you will experience progress, you will experience break through, you will have Good news, you will have testimony on all sides
7. Many will have strange encounter with angels, angelic encounter, walking on the street, you will have encounter with Jesus.
8. Many God will use the face of his Prophet to appear to you and give you specific instructions.
9. Where you have been rejected, they shall accept you gladly, before the end of today you will testify,
10. You shall be remember, everyone holding your benefits will release it


1. Everyday of the last 12 days of 2018 represent the 12 months in 2019
2. This day one represents January, 2019
3. Share your testimonies on the platform as God is doing it
4. Send your prayer request to


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