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First, I need you to understand that prayer is not rocket science. It is not a complex, mindless activity you do just to fulfill all righteousness. It is not something you do to satisfy your ego just so you can brag about how long you have prayed.

Prayer is simply communicating and communing with God. I want that to sink into your spirit, soul and body. When you pray, you are not just speaking to the empty atmosphere.

You are speaking to a Divine Person. You are speaking to the God who can hear you, who can see your deepest thoughts and desires, who knows you from even before you were born.

Oftentimes, Christians complain about how their prayers are not being answered and how they have been praying to God for so long without seeing any tangible result.

I have highlighted some truths below that can help you answer this question.

God Can’t Wait to Answer Your Prayers

When you understand this, expecting answers to your genuine and sincere prayer requests to God will come naturally for you. When you know that God is in a hurry to answer His child’s prayer request, you will be super pumped and excited to pray in accordance with His words because you know He will answer.

After all, He was the one that started gisting with us in the first place. In the beginning, God created man so He could fellowship with Him (Gen 3:8). God was the initiator. If He started it, why would He not want to give you answers to your prayers? No reason at all!

Praying With Expectation Yields Results Everytime

Praying with zero expectations equals a collosal waste of time. Quick question: If you don’t believe that God will answer your prayers, why then did you spend hours praying in the Holy Ghost? It really doesn’t make any sense.

Don’t ever pray to God without any expectation in your heart. If you had no expectation before, build one by reading the Word of God. That’s how expectations are built. Hebrews 11: 6 explains this clearly. You must expect that God will reward you when you diligently seek Him.

Stop Expecting Your Answers To Come in a Certain way

A lot of us have been here before. Don’t even try to deny this 🙂

We pray to God for money for example, but then we inwardly expect that the answer will come by a credit alert from a random person. While I know that this happens a lot, I believe in miracle money. I also know that God may decide to answer your prayer in a different form.

It might be through a weekend or freelance job. It might be through any means. Stop being so stuck up on wanting the answers to your prayers to look a certain way.

The story of Namaan in 2 Kings 5 perfectly describes this. Namaan expected that Prophet Elisah was going to come out and stand, call on the name of the Lord,wave his hand over the leproosy spot on his body and cure him.

He didn’t expect that the answer to his prayer was going to come by bathing in the Jordan River seven times. Please, ask the Lord to open your eyes to see the answers to your prayers. This is super important.

You can pray everywhere

Why do we forget that God is always with us? I know we have heard this countless times. Yet, we still forget about it. We forget that God is with us on our way to work, in Lagos traffic (if you live in Lagos), in the shopping mall and so on.

What does this mean? It means you can pray anywhere with no restrictions, and you can be sure He will hear you. No restrictions, no borders, no walls. All that matters is that you pray with solid expectations.

And we will stop here for today.

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Stay Prayed up!


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