Redemption Camp, Ogun State, NG

If you honour a man and you don’t honour his wife, you have missed all the man can offer you.
I see ladies today dishonouring their pastors wife ahahahaha, you just lost favour.
A wise protégée or mentee tries to get closer to the wife of your mentor. Some doors can only open to you by honour. Often times, the answers to what you are praying for is in honour of a vessel who carries it.
Honour will settle what fasting and prayers will do in the shortest time. Honour is not superficial or external. Honour is from the heart.
Many young people loose their blessings because of pride. If your friend becomes a pastor, honour him because the grace that ordains is bigger than you, that grace can change your status for ever.
If your younger sister becomes your pastor’s wife, honour her, she is not the same again, there is a grace that comes upon her as a results of that marriage.
When you honour her, it is not her person but the grace upon her.


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