Redemption Camp, Ogun State, NG

Many a time, we wake up to pray and the prayer seems very dry,
We feel like quitting, the tongues aren’t flowing, we are not feeling the prayer power.
We try worship songs and yet it seems so horrible, one hour is like a wasted effort, we are just struggling through the prayer, it seems like the heaven over us is closed.
We wonder what to do, we are confused, even sleep comes and take part of the prayer time.
We feel so depressed, we conclude, maybe there is no need to pray today.
Well let me share my experience with you.
I woke up to pray one morning and I was going to pray for 5 hours, I started and it was struggle all through, everything I stated above played out and I was just fed up, I wanted to quit.
I was not feeling anything apart from dryness, even the tongues I was speaking was dry.
But I remembered that we don’t walk by feelings but by faith.
I remembered that those who know their God not those that feel their God.
I knew in the midst of my struggling prayer schedule God was there.
So I continued with the struggle for 4 hours 30minutes but guess what, when It was exactly 4 hours 30 minutes I entered into prayer power, it just landed upon me and enveloped me, it was as if you are digging a well and you hit water after the rock, Kai kai, the prayer flowed, my tongues became so fast and sweet, I began to prophecy and speak in divers kinds of tongues.
Wao It was a beautiful 30 minutes
Note this, the 30 minutes experience erased my 4 hours 30minutes struggle.
I asked God what happened.
Sir if you feel like Praying before you pray, I am sorry to say this, you are still a baby
The best time to pray is when you don’t feel like Praying and stay there until you feel like Praying.
Don’t rush out, stay stay stay stay
You see, sometimes the time God wants is just 10 minutes but you need to plough for 2 hours before you hit it.
Don’t rush out, stay there.
I see a burning generation


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