Book Cover: Fire Tonic: A 31 Day Manual of Daily Dose of Fire Tonic
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ISBN: 979-8401105912
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Pages: 112
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We are in a generation where things are getting colder by the day. The word, lukewarm, fails to describe the Christianity of my day.

We are cold and gradually getting frozen. The passion for the things of the Spirit is gradually becoming obsolete: no more hunger pangs for righteousness; no more cravings to walk in the supernatural and no more burdens for souls. The supernatural experiences we read about are left on the pages of books; very few present day manifestations.

It is so painful that the people that are dead cannot be forgotten, and the people that are living are not noticed. We are indeed in a spiritual state of emergency. If nothing is done urgently, I pray the labours of our spiritual heroes past shall not be in vain.

God is in a great need of "firerized" young men who will preserve divine ordinances. I cried to God and said to Him, “Lord I am ready, but please raise with me a burning generation; young people who will burn for you and can go any length for the gospel”.