Prayer Request:
Dear Father,
thank you for your unending love towards me and my family. Thank you for your mercies, provisions, protection.
Lord, I have come to you to make my supplications known again in your courtyard.
I need you, in my affairs, my life, career, choices and service to you.
Help me to run after you God, take away of barrier and limitations holding me back. I want to burn for you Jesus, help me to be passionate and intentional about my stewardship. Help me to live a live holy and acceptable to you. Fill me with your spirit o Lord. Renew you spirit in me. A fresh fire, a refresh outpour Lord. Rekindle my passion for you o Lord. Help me Lord, Fill me with the grace to run diligently and wholeheartedly.
I am trusting for a place of my own Lord, I have made my amount I can pay known, Lord, you have the heart kings in your heart, I pray my part of the bid is accepted by the developer. I pray for favour, cause him to call me to inform me he has accepted my payment offer.
Lord, I also pray for my plans of futhering in my masters, Lord, you make a way when it seems like all hopes are lost. Lord make provisions for me pertaining my MSc Processing. From the School, to the course selection, to the tuition and logistics and welfare expenses.
Lord I commit my career into your hands O Lord. At some point I lost it. I lost interest, was overwhelmed, tired and depressed. Thank you for delivering me and reassuring me.
Father, I am trusting that you guide me day after day into what I should do. That I’ll walk the walk you plan for me. That I won’t make choices based on emotions in my career. Help me to be in alignment with your perfect will for me lord. Take away from me any doubt, fear, confusion and indecisiveness that comes with restarting.
Lord, I also, commit my family into your able hands. Come and reign in the life of my siblings and parent. Let them know you in a deeper dimension. Let them serve you wholeheartedly without limitations. Guide their paths, lead them to that which you have prepared for them. Keep them in longevity, sound mind and good health. Help my brothers in school to study and excel in their academics. Fill in them the spirit of excellence and wisdom. Speedy assimilation in their studies with understanding.
Lord, I commit my sister into your able hands. Lord I ask that as she rounds up her NYSC program next month, let the windows of opportunity be opened unto her. She will be favored in her job search and application. Multiple offers of employment of which she will have to choose will be her portion.
Father I commit my parents into your able hands Lord. If given them to me and my siblings has our guardians and leaders of which them are performing excellently. Lord, I ask that you keep them in good health. That they’ll leave to enjoy the fruit of their labor. That they’ll not sorrow or mourn any of their kids neither will they die untimely. They’ll continue to serve you in diligence of heart.
Father I commit my aunties who are trusting for the fruits of the womb. My family members trusting for a job and a life partner (using my self as a contact point), healing, and direction. Lord grant our heart desires according to your will.
All this I pray in Jesus Name, Amen.

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