Lord pls provide for me so I can pay all the debts I’m owing this month ijn
Lord pls,prosper my business ijn
Lord pls let my husband’s name, Oluwatuase Adegboyega name come out on the promotion list this September ijn.
Lord pls provide for our needs
Lord pls,send help to us this September,build house for us before this year runs out ijn .
Lord pls be merciful, please and kind to me and my family.
God pls continue to protect me and my family
God pls make me and my family great.
God pls settle me and enlarge my coast this month ijn.
God pls ,let our helper of destiny locate me,my children and my husband this month ijn.
Untimely death is not my portion and it’s not my family’s portion ijn
God pls let me and my family members continue to enjoy your favour in all areas of our lives ijn .
God pls give me and my family perfect jubilee this month ijn.Amen.

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