Lord pls give me financial breakthrough.
I want my husband to locate me this year and if possible do my introduction this year.
Lord pls lead and direct my path.i don’t want to be confused lord.let there be way for me lord.
My destiny helpers should locate me this year.
I must never be broke lord.i am financially stable in Jesus name.
Lord help me to discover my purpose and to start walking towards achieving it.
Concerning my master’s program and renting of an apartment lord pls fund everything for me miraculously.
Lord pls i need a new job before August with a very good pay.
Settle mummy’s debt and stock up her shop lord.
Lord pls put my love in mrs mosunmoye Alake’s heart and let her begin to love me like her own daughter and pls lord help me to love her like my mother and care for her.
Lord pls miraculously pay our shop rent by December in Jesus name.
I will not celebrate my 28th birthday by January in my parents house in Jesus name ( either in my husband’s house or in my own apartment)

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