Lord Jesus please break protocol for me and my sister
Lord Jesus grant my sister her admission miraculously
Lord Jesus let all processing I and my sister are doing be perfected bring forth goodnews and breakthrough
Lord Jesus grant all my heart desires
Lord Jesus grant all my mother’s heart desires
Lord Jesus grant all my sisters heart desires
Lord Jesus send help to us
Lord Jesus give us favor in all areas of our life
Lord Jesus fight all our battles for us both the ones we know and the ones we don’t know
Lord Jesus destroy and kill everything called spirit husband i and my sister life
Lord Jesus take away destroy and cancel late marriage delay and stagnation in our lives
Lord Jesus cancel and destroy disappointment rejection and denial in our lives
Lord Jesus grant I and my sister our visa
Lord Jesus settle us maritally
Lord Jesus please answer all our prayers
Lord Jesus help I and my family to know you more and serve you more and better
In Jesus name (amen)

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