Lord increase in yomi
Revive him
Oh Lord expand yomi
Manifest yourself in yomi
Oh Lord surprise yomi
Oh Lord promote yomi
Oh Lord manifest yomi
Glorify yourself in yomi
Oh Lord support yomi
Oh Lord do what only you can do in Lisa case.
Oh Lord open my eyes to see you
Oh Lord establish yomi
Oh Lord establish first fruit
Oh Lord make yomi laugh
Oh Lord let mercy speed for yomi
Oh Lord bless yomi financially
Oh Lord remember me
Oh Lord revive me
Oh Lord establish me
Oh Lord make me laugh again
Oh Lord let your fire surround our children
Oh Lord engage me
Oh Lord visit our hearts
Help us to teach our children your way.
Oh Lord fortify yomi
Oh Lord fortify me and the children.
Oh Lord the battles of life swallow them up in victory
Oh Lord hold , sustain our marriage, let it be Holy, fulfilling, fruitful in Jesus name
Oh Lord do a miracle in the life of yomi today
Oh Lord visit yomi mind
Oh Lord visit my mind
Oh Lord let opportunity chase yomi
surprise us with love at day break

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