Lord, I pray for my sister’s Visa application(Let your grace speak for her and may she be find Favour on that day)
Lord I pray for Financial increase in my life( concerning all my needs and also I want a new better phone before dis month ends)
I pray concerning my grams eyes, she’s completely healed in Jesus name
I pray for a Better Job for my Mum
I Pray concerning my destiny(Lord connect me with my destiny builders and helpers)
Lord I pray that every misunderstanding between me and my friend be settled, heal our hearts Lord, Nd help us to forgive each other
I pray concerning my friends and family who have not given deir lives to Christ , help thm to see the need of you in deir lives.
Lord, Revive me Lord
I commit any examination me and my siblings will be taking, Lord see us through
Nd I pray for wale, let your will be done in his life.

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