*I want God to revive my prayer life and restore my relationship with Him.
*I want God to empower me to fulfill the glorious destiny He has for me
*I want God to grant me fully funded Masters scholarship that will fund my spouse as well
*I want God to settle all the embarrassing debts of my family and make all of us debt-free.
*I want God to direct me and my fiancee on the right time of settlement and supply all needs and give us a peaceful home.
*I want God to settle me with high paying job immediately after my service by mercy.
*I want God to settle me and my family members to our permanent site before the end of this year.
*I want God to touch the life of our first born and help me to relate properly.
*I want God to preserve the life of my parents with good health and give my mum rest on all sides.
*I want God to help me and my family members to make it to heaven by His grace.
*I want God to remember Pst Femi Adedeji this month and all waiting mothers

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