I want God to surprise me concerning the payment of my school fee

My license exam that coming next month and the following month I don’t have money the payment yet and it compulsory as a student to have it
I want God to raise people for my sake

I want God to speaks for me always,everyday,every time,every seconds

Am owning a person the sum of 30k
I borrowed it to pay for my exam material since 2months ago and I have not pay him back till now
I want God to surprise me with alert from people I don’t know ?‍♀️ to pay them money

I want God to lead me in everything I do always
I want God to guild my heart and step

I want God to pls provide for Mrs Adeusi moyinoluwa shes my guildance and his son too
I don’t want to loose any of them

Concerning my forthcoming exam
I want God to have his way because I can’t do it alone or can I do it with my power

All the people waging war against me spiritually Abbah father should deal with them for me

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