I thank God for all he has been doing in my life and also in my family.
I want him to continue his work in my life also for my siblings.
1. I want God to fight for me in all aspect of my life.
2. I want God to shower is mercy for me from his throne. Wherever I go, I should always obtain his mercy.
3. I want God to destroy all blocking blocks covering me and my helpers. So my helpers will be able to see me.
4. I want to excel in my academics, as I am in my final year with 2 carryover, I want him to Favour me and clear my results at once. No more coming back for a course and God should help me in my final project. I should receive God’s mercy and Grace.
5. The woman of God’s kind, the woman God has planned for me to walk with me in the journey of life. God should send her to me.
6. Every demonic power stopping my glory. God in his mercy should destroy them.
7. I want to hear and receive a Goodnews about me before this week ends.
8. God should grant all my heart desires and where he has in plan for me he should talk me there.
For I know he has answered my prayers. Thank you Lord.

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