I pray for me to pass my upcoming exams excellently well and I am given direction,
I pray I am blessed and highly favored
I pray for God to give me wisdom to guide the affairs of my life
I pray God open new doors of upliftment and glory for me and my family
God solves our financial problem
The plans of the Lord for my life to come into manifestation
I pray to be loved and find favour in the eyes of God and man
I pray for the right relationship,right friendship,right gathering,right people
I pray for business to start to grow ,God help me concerning my business
I pray to have more intimacy with God
God should help me to choose the right way in certain crossroads and I have the ability to discern
I do not miss what is for me ,I am guided by God and my steps are ordered
I pray for excellent spirit and I Excel in all ramifications
Me and my family are protected from any evil and I pray my parent financial problem is settled

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