I am tried of following people part God should she me the right part, my own call, ministry that things that I needed to do for him
Mercy , grace and favour of God unpon me and my family
God should heal me of goiter and desease both physically, spiritual germs in my body soul and spirit
God should connect me to my own destiny helpers with a better offer for job small work big money that will give me time and to do for God
I received my Visa this year in Jesus name amen and I key in to it for open doors of marriage better job appointment
God should connect me to my own husband that will make me to fulfilled God purpose and mandate and things which God want me to do for him that will support me financially spiritually prayerlly in Jesus name amen
The reason why I was through my mother and in to Ajiboye family to be fulfilled on Earth
To be a blessing where ever I am or find myself and to to fruitful in all ranfication in Jesus name
To make heaven I never to make errors that will affect me if there is in his mercy to deliver me

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