God’s urgent help concerning June 24th.Good afternoon daddy my name is Ruth Nom from group 26.
Last year you prophesied about June 24th concerning date of wedding.
I and my friend who is also in group 26 calmed it.
This year January he proposed and we have made bold steps towards the wedding.
We have met both family and they have given go ahead.
We have been trusting God for the resources for the wedding both traditional and white.and frankly speaking daddy, things just became tire.
He is an artisan, contracts are not forth coming.
Even deptors are not ready to pay back.
We are trust God but daddy our faith is shacking, please we need you to say a word concerning the wedding process.
The wedding is just on us, family are not finiacially strong to assist us.
Daddy,we have told families that the traditional is this April by faith.but as I write to you,we don’t even know how to do or go about it.
Both of us can’t boast of 10k.
I believe in your God and I’ve seen miracles and wanders happen.
Please daddy speak a word that God should marvelously help us in this martial journey.
Emmanuel Aigbudumeh,is my partners name,he is from Edo state 09035598740.
Ruth Nom, is my name from kaduna state 08060608768.
Thanks daddy
God bless you real good.

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