God in your infinite mercy please elevate me and my family financially.

God please enlarge us and take us to the higher level.

God please bless my family with fruits of the womb.

God destroy every demonic tools that my enemies is using to track the progress of my destiny and the progress of my family.

God arise scatter the gathering of the enemies against my Life and my family lives.

God destroy that coven that the evil people from my paternal and maternal family have locked my destiny.

God please arise and let my destiny shine to the world to see.

God please raise army of destiny helper for me and my wife.

God please increase me and my family spiritually and let us see you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly.

God please let the heaven of my family open permanently.

Father please bless the works of our hands and let everything we touch be blessings.

God please make us a blessing to our families and generation.

Father please make my family to lend to Nations of the world and we should never borrow.

Father, everywhere I found myself in every facet of life please make me the head and not the tail, let me be above not not beneath.

Father please give me and my family great and permanent testimonies.

Thank You Jesus for answering my prayers.

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