GI thank God for this opportunity. I’m in Prayer Hub Group 49.

There is an age-long battle in my family emanating from my mother (who belongs to the cult of the elders). All of us in the family have had our share of this battle in fact for me, it was my first born male child that I lost and another major pregnancy. That experience was what turned me to a prayer warrior.

Now she is on the hunt again for a soul to exchange for hers because that’s how she renew her stay and myself and household is the primary target.

For some days now I have been very sick and was barely managing to get up. In fact, after the divine encounter on Monday, I could barely walk back home, felt so much like lying on the bare floor in the auditorium. I want God to contend with everyone that is contending for my life and that of any of my household and let the wickedness of the wicked go back to their own head. God should feed them with their own flesh and let them drink their own blood. So that me and my household will be in peace

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