Father pls remember my family and I
Pls help me by divine arrangements to know what to do with my life ,I need divine directions
Father pls blessing my husband and the works of our hands
Father pls every power that is pulling me and my family backward pls destroy the power
Father pls send destiny helper to my family
Father pls dnt let me mourn over any of my love ones
Pls my lord make me a tools in your hands
Pls deliver me and husband from every behavior and attitude that doesn’t glorify God
Father help us to enjoy marriage enough of management and pain lord pls take charge of my home
My lord pls help us to pay our debt and fulfill us.
I ask father that I shall not be barren of goods things
Father pls my husband,son and me and sibling and all my loves ones pls remember us for greater things and take us to the top that we are meant to be in Jesus name

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