Father, Please help me Lord. Show me mercy GOD in JESUS name
Oh LORD, my GOD, Let my husband locate me before end of October
GOD, please end this negative occurrence in my business. NO MORE LOSS in Jesus name

1. The LORD GOD of heaven, release my In-law’ Tega Izeku salaries being held by his employer. May the GOD of NSPDD altar intervene and release all his money being held this week by mercy in Jesus name. FATHER, give him and my sister favor this year. Give them the grace to open their eye clinic this year in Jesus name.

2. LORD, break and destroy every power, altars challenging my destiny and my manifestation of GOD prophecies over my marriage, career, finances, business and ministry in Jesus name. I invoke the blood of Jesus against every hindrance and voices speaking against my destiny and early satisfaction in Jesus name.

3. LORD give me rest from every battles and demonic, witchcraft contentions in Jesus name

4. GOD of NSPPD, Monarch of universe, you have my permission. Go to my foundation, maternal and paternal, release me and let me go in Jesus name. Father deliver me from the power of foundation by your mercy and blood of Jesus

5. I receive grace and favor to access the door opened to me in the United Kingdom. I enter into my inheritance, nothing can stop me. I command heaven and earth to begin to align for my manifestation in Jesus name.
6. LORD, I will do your work you have destined me for. Let everything, including my marriage align. I will get the best Kingdom spouse with all required resources, I refuse to settle for less in Jesus name. Amen

7. LORD, breathe on my business. Let it blossom beyond my expectation in Jesus name. That sienna bus you gave me for the business will not fail in Jesus name. AMEN. LORD, terminate every negative occurrence in my business and finance. Let your fire come upon my life, my family, finance, business, career and marriage.

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