Father please give me wisdom knowledge and understanding
Father bless my daddy business satisco furniture works ventures
Father teach me how to spelling and write and read
Father don’t let me missing the kingdom of heavens
Father give me the right husband
Father don’t let me enter a wrong relationship
Father please guide my footsteps in the land of iree
Father send your helper to me and my family
Father every spirit of stubbornness take it away over my life
Father let my parents eat the fruit of their labour in Jesus name
Father take control over my life and my study
Father in my education don’t let me have any missing script don’t let me have any carryover in my exam
Father please don’t let me use more than the year I want to use in this land of iree
Let me go home back with a good results
Father please do put me to shame over my academic in this land of iree
Father please accept my prayer request in Jesus mighty name I pray amen.

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