Father, open doors of Divine Favour for me and my family this month
Father, give me what I’ll eat for the rest of my life
Father, the connection I’ll receive this month financially, in my place of work, maritally and ministerially that’ll bring about Divine Favour, let me begin to receive it
Lord favour me in all ramifications
The favour nobody has ever received in my father’s house, my mother’s house, in the church, among my friends, colleagues, Father let me receive it this month
Father, deal with whatever that’s stopping favour in my life
My Father and my God, any man or woman that you’ve ordained or assigned to favour me, Father this month, let them favour me on time
Father concerning the audition I went for, let it be with ease, let me be favoured
Father every man or woman working against my destiny, against my rising inside and outside, deal with them, destroy them by fire
Father every cloth that I’ve worn that has brought battles into my life, Father have mercy on me and take these battles away with your blood
Father, help me to stay for life. I do now things, I receive new inspiration in Jesus name.
Lord, let me have a Divine encounter with you spiritually
Father, touch the heart of my dad to align himself with your will and purpose for my life.

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