Father lord deliver me from the grips of sins,save me from the sins that has taken away your love,fear, presence,glory and your name from my life
Let your light come into my life
Lord Jesus Christ come into my life live and dwell inside of me
Let the light of holy spirit come mighty upon me
Lord my daughter is in your hands
Let your light of holy spirit illuminate her life
Cause her to dwell in you
Let her chase for you
Let your light so shine inside her

Let your spirit of righteousness come upon her
Cause her light to shine
Father grant her wisdom, knowledge and understanding from heavenly above
Strengthen her fist to write lord
Father open doors of opportunities for me and my hubby
Cause us to be delivered from the snare of the Fowler
Cause us to be set free from every affliction
Cause us to break forth and be a source of light in Jesus name

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