Father let your kingdom be established all over the world, Nigeria, ibadan.

Father please help me grow more spiritually.
Father open my eyes to see what you’ve destined for me to be.

Father strength our fathers in the Lord to win souls and to finish well.

Father save me,my sister and brother from all the temptation happening around us and help us finish well.

Father please let your will be done in my life and siblings

Father please show me the next step or grant unto me Divine direction in my life.

Father please settle me maritally,
financially before my 30th birthday.
Father please protect me, my siblings, family and Oyewole family from all evil.
Father Lord bless my business and carrear
Father grant unto me the hidden treasures and hidden riches.
Father show, direct and help me fufil your purpose on earth.
Father grant unto dayo her University admission into the place you want her to be and Divine provision for her fees.

Father Lord order the step of my husband to me before the end of May.

Father Lord bless and favour my husband
Father please change the level of fisayo work to a bigger place .

Father Lord please let my spirit align with my husband when he comes.

Father Lord please bless the Oyewole family.

Father Lord please grant ibukun wedding and marriage a peaceful and happy day for them.
Father please grant unto a beautiful home and marriage .
Father to me , children and husband Divine favor

Father Lord please enlarge my coast

Father Lord please enlarge and bless of stars and pearls school all over the world
Father Lord I commit grandma burial and let your will be done concerning our going
Father Lord answer the hidden prayers of my cousins and settle them this year.
Father Lord make me happy, surprise and change my story before my 30th birthday.
Father Lord let there be peace in Nigeria.
Thank you Father because you’ve done it.
In Jesus name Amen.

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