Father help me to know you more
Take away negative thoughts and voice from me
Take away thoughts and remembering of the past,especially the negative and sorrowful ones
Help me Lord that I may overcome them permanently the negative thoughts, voices and remembering of the past..help me to think positive Lord
Lord please give my life a meaning again, enter my life afresh and grant me newness of life in every area
Father I want to do my masters in the Uk, the process as been challenging due to all the negative thoughts and all, I have been at home since after my service year, the man that wanted to help me before deceived me since June after all the struggles during May for my transcripts, even till now, he kept deceiving and leading me on with lies but God already exposed him,so I couldn’t meet up with September 2022 intake again but I’m looking up to God for January 2023 intake.So I have start the application myself
Father help and guide me through so I won’t fall in the hands of scammers again
Let my masters be possible
Help me Lord to marry the right person and at the right time. I’m 22 years old and I’ll be 23 by December ..I need someone in your kingdom Lord, your son, I don’t want to marry outside you or out of your will Lord
Help me to know you more, love you and be yours completely and completely sold out to you so help me Lord Amen
Lord just help me to take all the negative thought away so I won’t be repeating circle’s in my life, so I will stop comparing my now, present to my bad past which use to make me to see the repetition, especially comparing people of the past , situations, and things with present people now
Lord help me with all I need in life, because sometimes I don’t even understand myself anymore
Perfect all that concerneth me Lord and exceed all my expectations
So help me Lord
In Jesus name Amen

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