Fada, I want to thank you for all you have done over my life and family. 2. Fada, I ask for double insight of you. 3. I ask for power to do exploits and extraordinary thing for him. 4. Fada, please come and help me flourish my business and the family business in a miraculous way .5. fada, I ask that you grant my sister safe delivery. 6. Fada, I commit my career and academics into your hands that let your favor and mercy always locate me. 7. Fada, I ask that you make my hands blessing that whatever I lay my upon shall be blessed. 8. Fada, I ask that you strengthen your sons ( pastor Daniel olawande and pastor e.a Adeboye ) and continue to use them for your glory. 9. Fada, please I ask that may I not be a spectator but a voice to reckon with in my generation

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