Dear ABBA,
Your daughter loves you, she needs help in every area of her life…
Help with consistency,help with prayer life, help with bible study life, help with academics,help with finances, help for her friends and family.
Finalization of my admission process this year before September, it’s really long over due and that of my best friend.
Help for my friend who just gave her life to you, pls DAD..she needs help, her family needs help, show them your early mercies else the devil will take advantage of the situation.
Help for my friend to be restored in every area, she loves you DAD and I know you know it.
Good health for dad and mom and longevity of life…pls LORD, I can’t afford to loose them yet, pls DAD.
Healing a d good health for my big mom,success also and longevity of life, my parents and big mum have been great blessings to the people around them, in your mercy DAD, spare their lives.
For my little foster sister, LORD, take her life for yourself, use her, grant her wisdom, knowledge, understanding, protect her mom and siblings also.
My close knit friends home and school, please, keep them always In CHRIST Love,grant their heart desires, save my unsaved loved ones and neighbors to the uttermost DEAREST ONE.
Bless me and help me to be a blessing to others DEAREST ONE.
Help me fulfill that which YOU have in store for me,
Yours forever LORD,
Your little girl

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