*Application For Mercy*
•> I apply for Divine Healing to my immune system, blood cells,body parts and health generally.

•> I apply for your Mercy over every of my family members and liberate us from financial struggles & Stagnation.

•> I apply for Divine intervention & Direction in my career from now hence forth.

•> I ask that God connects me to my life’s Compass and Helper of destiny,Amen!

•> I apply For mercy for my marital destiny in Jesus name,Amen!

•> I apply that my eyes be opened to financial freedom opportunities in Jesus name.

•> I apply that you make getting & Processing my study visa come with ease in Jesus name

•> I apply that your Mercy, Favour, Blessing and Guidance would envelope me.

•> I Apply that I grow better in the knowledge of God with renewed passion for his works, Amen!

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