Application for help
I pray for the help of God on this journey of Holiness, may i never disappoint or fail him, may i become a friend of God like Abraham and hear God often like Moses.
I pray for help for my brother Akin to get a job soon, and be able to get married this year.
I pray for my sister to deliver safely by the help of God.
I pray for my help of God over my cousin’s life, (Nike), may she receive help from God for perfect healing and restoration
I pray for financial help to get a laptop and learn web design, graphic design, animation etc. And be established in it, for God has given me the inspiration to learn this things, i pray for financial help
I pray for my parents, may they live long and see me and my siblings doing great things and may they enjoy it with us. May every delay be removed.
I pray that before the end of this month, everyone in my family will have a testimony.
Amen in Jesus name.

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