1. I pray for Spiritual growth, Grace to walk with God and work for God for I and my Fiance.
2. I pray for financial breakthrough for I, my fiance and my family members.
3. I almost got a new job last month (August) but I lost it…..I pray for a new job for myself after God’s own heart with massive benefits.
4. I pray for a big contract from a client for my fiance job that will turn our lives around for good.
5. I pray God settles the apartment we want to get this September and make a way for us for the payment.
6. I pray that God takes charge of my wedding coming up by November 19th….I pray for financial help from God for all the expenses we need for the preparation. I pray that every plan of the enemies concerning that day is destroyed.
7. I pray for the completion of my father’s church and house….the building and furnishing before the end of October.

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