Application for help prayer points.
*  Thank you lord for your  help in the past.
* Father, please heal my family members( Father, mother  and my brother) and perfect their health.
* Father,  perfect your plans concerning me and help me to fulfil destiny in you.
* Father, my Visa application is in your in hands, let it be approved and come out successfully
* Father,  my Master’s study processing is in your hands. All through the processing journey, guide me and give me  favour and success in all step.
* Father, connect me to those that will help me for good in life.
* Father help me to love you and serve you better than ever.  Never to allow my yesterday to be better than my today.
* Father,  let my younger brother have an encounter with you thus season. Let him know you  a new.
* Father, in this season,  give me a hearing hear, seeing eyes, and an understanding heart to relate.

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